Stacey Chillemi- Epilepsy Coach

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation® is honored to work with individuals who are battling epilepsy. We are happy to work with Stacey Chillemi who has been battling epilepsy since the age of five. 

Stacey Chillemi is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker & coach. She is the founder of The Complete Herbal Guide. She has empowered hundreds of thousands worldwide through her books, websites, e-courses, educational videos, and live events.

Hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Stacey’s health and personal development events, articles, and books for over two decades.

People from around the world have tapped her for personal coaching. She is a health, lifestyle, and epilepsy coach. In addition, she has changed people’s lives through numerous speaking events.

She speaks at small, medium, and large events. Although, size doesn’t matter. What matters is that she is helping people positively transform their lives.

Stacey has spent the last 25 years using her abilities to give back. She is on Epilepsy Patient Advisory Council sponsored by Sunovion Pharmaceutical and Eisai Pharmaceutical. In addition, she does community volunteer work for H.O.P.E. Mentor for the Epilepsy Foundation, Volunteers and Advocates for the Family Resource Network: A leading provider of family support services to individuals with intellect, a Board Member for the Monmouth Ocean Community Impact Board, and Volunteer, advocate, and service provider for getting FIT.

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