What is Seizure First Aid?

 Seizure first aid consists of the necessary steps to keep someone safe during and after they experience a seizure. There are many different types of seizures and most stop within a few minutes. It is important how to recognize when someone is having a seizure, what steps you need to take to keep them safe, and when is it necessary to call 911. 

At The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation®, our mission is to provide advocacy and educational resources to the epilepsy community and our society. Many people do not know what to do if someone has a seizure. Listed below are our seizure first aid posters, in English and Spanish. We encourage you to print off the posters and place them where people can see them in businesses, schools, clinics, anywhere in public that will help others know what to do. 

It is important to follow the steps to keep the person safe as well as you and others. If law enforcement arrives before the EMT, inform the officers that the person is having a seizure. Not all seizures look the same. Some seizures, such as complex partial seizures, the person may come off as under the influence rather than appearing to have a seizure. They are not aware of their surroundings and cannot comply with orders. Inform the officers if that is the case to prevent any unnecessary trauma that can result from arrest, being tased, or worse. 

Educate yourself as well as others about epilepsy and the importance of seizure first aid. You can help to save a life and help to remove the stigma that is associated with epilepsy. Do what you can to educate your community and together we will defeat epilepsy. 

Please click on the button below to download the Seizure First Aid in English poster. 

Please click on the button below to download the Seizure First Aid in Spanish poster.