Purple Warrior Pooches

In 2022, The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation will be launching the Purple Warrior Pooches Program. The Purple Warrior Pooches Program is a community-based program helping individuals with uncontrolled epilepsy as well as veterans with epilepsy gain access to a seizure alert dog. Seizure alert dogs are beneficial to people with uncontrolled epilepsy helping to reduce stress and seizure activity, alert loved ones when someone is having a seizure, and help save a life. 

According to U.S. Service Animals, the price for a seizure alert dog can range from $15,000-$30,000 dollars. Prices can go as high as $50,000 dollars depending on the breed of dog and the amount of training needed. Health insurance companies will not cover the costs, resulting in many families not being able to obtain a dog.

According to the 2019 Census, approximately 4.6 million people reside in the Inland Empire. It is estimated that around 46,000 people are battling epilepsy in the Inland Empire. The Inland Empire region is economically impacted due to higher education being at lower levels compared to the state levels. 

Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino County) Population: 4.6 million

One percent of community (estimated number of people with epilepsy): 46,000

Thirty percent of epilepsy community in the Inland Empire with uncontrolled epilepsy: 13,800 

2019 Census Information for Inland Empire 


Riverside County 

San Bernardino County

2019 median income 



2019 poverty level 




Our short-term goal is to help individuals and veterans who have uncontrolled epilepsy in the Inland Empire obtain a seizure alert dog. Long-term, we want to help statewide and then nationally. The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation realizes the challenges families face when caring for a loved one with epilepsy. Families should not have to risk financial distress to help their loved ones.