The Program of Active Consumer Engagement in Self-management (PACES) in Epilepsy

About PACES In Epilepsy​

The Program of Active Consumer Engagement in Self-management in Epilepsy (PACES) is an evidence-based program helping those affected by epilepsy and their families address day-to-day challenges more effectively.

It will help increase your understanding of seizures and medical treatments for epilepsy, and ways for managing your seizures, mood, and stress. In addition, this program will help you learn ways to manage your general health and to communicate with others about your seizure condition. All the components of this program have been specifically designed based on what people with epilepsy and their families tell us they need to know.

Program Details

PACES in Epilepsy was developed through a survey of 225 adults with epilepsy with a 61% response rate. Based on the provided data, the eight sessions were developed and an education section, followed by strategizing/ goal setting, became the format for each session.

Our program content focuses on both medical and psychosocial adjustments and is delivered to small groups, either in person or by teleconference.

What To Expect

• Each program has 2 facilitators, an epilepsy professional and a person with epilepsy

• There will be 8 sessions in this program, for which the time and day will be decided by the facilitator and all attendees

• Sessions generally last approximately an hour, but the first session may run a bit longer

• Between sessions, there will be check-ins and goal reviews to aid participants and make sure you receive helpful resources 

• Baseline measures will be completed 2 weeks prior to sessions starting

• You will receive all sessions 1 week prior to the actual session, either via mail or e-mail

• Active goal setting is a key component of the PACES program


Dr. Bob Fraser, Principal Investigator

Dr. Erica Johnson, Co-Investigator

Mr. Steven Lashley, Peer Leader

Ground Rules:

For confidentiality, we ask that participants maintain the confidentiality of the sessions and participants’ identity/information. Sharing is welcomed and considered helpful, but not required.

Session Schedule

Session 1

Epilepsy and Medical Issues

Session 2

Managing Stress and the Blues (Part1)

Session 3

Managing Stress and the Blues (Part II)

Session 4

Compensating for Cognitive Challenges

Session 5

Getting the Most Out of Community Living

Session 6

Managing My Epilepsy Care

Session 7

Effective Communication About My Epilepsy

Session 8

My Health and Wellbeing

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Evidence based findings showed a significant positive impact on participants at one year, specifically in areas relating to epilepsy self-management and self-efficacy. 

Our mission is to educate 100 individuals in under a year.

This journey begins with you. 

Thank you for your interest in PACES!