What is Neurish? 

Neurish is a start-up that develops applications for people impacted by epilepsy. Neurish’s mission is to improve the lives of patients, caregivers, friends, and families impacted by epilepsy. Below are the two major applications created by Neurish. Visit to learn more. 

Friends with Epilepsy 

Friends with Epilepsy is a social network for patients, families, and caregivers who are impacted by epilepsy. Friends with Epilepsy allows you to find others who are battling epilepsy in your area and help to create friendships and connections to others who understand the challenges of having epilepsy. Visit to learn more. 

Epilepsy Docs

Epilepsy Docs connects you with the best epilepsy specialists in the community. Browse, rate, and review epilepsy specialists across the entire country. Visit to learn more.