Monthly Sponsorship Program

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation is proud to serve the epilepsy community and work towards increasing awareness, better economic and educational opportunities for people with epilepsy, and help to provide resources to improve their quality of life. Through our educational resources and programs, we are working to continue to educate society about epilepsy with the goal of removing the stigma. 
The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. Our donations go towards our programs to help people with epilepsy. This is especially important to us due to the lack of support individuals with epilepsy receive, both children and adults. Your monthly donation helps us to make a difference.
Since 2020, we have had the honor of awarding four scholarships, helped many individuals with epilepsy gain access to organizations and resources to help with medication costs, and have reached out to community organizations and companies to educate able-bodied people about epilepsy to help work towards removing the stigma. We will continue to advocate for the community and help to make a difference. 
Sign up today to become a monthly sponsor and help us in carrying out our mission. Thank you for your support and together we will defeat epilepsy. 

Every Dollar Matters

Every dollar you donate supports a great cause. Here’s how:


helps with our operational costs


helps with funding our scholarships and service dog grants


funds one scholarship for a student


helps to fund a grant for a service dog


Your Gift for Donating

Here is what you will receive as a thank you for your monthly donation:

$10 / month: Coffee Mug
$25 / month: Tote Bag
$50 / month: Tumbler
$100 / month: Hoodie

Thank you for signing up to partcipate in our monthly sponsorship program!