If I Need Help

If I Need Help understands the panic that can overtake a special needs loved one, caretakers, and the community when a loved one with special needs goes missing. Not being able to communicate with others due to a disability or disorder can be frightening and overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be, and If I Need Help … can help.

If I Need Help reunites those who might become lost, disoriented, or need assistance in a critical moment with their families, loved ones, and caregivers using modern technologies in practical, accessible, and affordable ways.

Our easy free sign up and membership provide personal wearable QR Codes that immediately alert the public who needs help and how to help them. Our system consolidates a multitude of information about a person with special needs in one place. This information can be easily accessed by whoever needs it at the time. A Police officer, jogger, or anyone who scans them can quickly find the individual’s basic information powered by the If I Need Help special needs database. Any other person can find out password-protected, detailed personal information to help reunite lost individuals with special needs. All the information can be updated in real-time by logging onto the site remotely or from a desktop. It can also be emailed to first responders in an emergency.

Individual profiles are accessed manually from web browsers or QR Codes. QR reader Apps are readily available for free from device app stores.

To complete our free sign-up, please go to https://www.ifineedhelp.org/user/register?crumb=register

Need assistance? Please contact us at 1-661-524-6732 or info@ifineedhelp.org