Gideon Ronald Akanijuka helps raise awareness of epilepsy in Uganda.
Gideon Ronald Akanyijuka, CEO and Founder of Epilepsy Awareness Uganda

Epilepsy Awareness Uganda was founded by Gideon Ronald Akanyijuka after his sister passed away from epilepsy. Like many other countries in Africa, it was a struggle for Gideon’s family to get the medication his sister. Due to not being able to get care for his sister, it resulted in her unnecessary death.

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation is working with Epilepsy Awareness Uganda to help prevent unnecessary deaths, advocate for care for individuals with epilepsy, and educate the community on what epilepsy is.

Another goal of Gideon’s that we are proud of is improving healthcare for women and young girls by making sure they have resources to feminine products to prevent unnecessary infections. Infections such as UTI’s can be a trigger for someone to have a seizure. We are proud that Gideon is taking the steps to make sure all resources that are needed for overall health and well-being are being considered and is working to provide them to individuals with epilepsy that need them.

Check out Epilepsy Awareness Uganda’s website at to see the work that is being done to help those in need. Thank you for your support and together we will defeat epilepsy.