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At The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation, our mission is to provide the advocacy and education services needed to the epilepsy community and our society. As advocates, not only do we have to help each other have a voice, we need to be there for one another when things are difficult.


Our community resources lists information regarding finding affordable or discount medication for individuals with epilepsy. Our resources consists of programs that are available to citizens in the state of California as well as throughout the nation. Our goal is to make sure that individuals with epilepsy have access to affordable medication and do not have to worry about missing a dose.

Service Dogs

Individuals with epilepsy who suffer from drug-resistance epilepsy benefit greatly from having a seizure response dog. Individuals with epilepsy who suffer from mental conditions such as PTSD also benefit from a service dog. At The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation, we have listed a number or organizations for our supporters who are interested in finding a service dog.

Medical Marijuana Resources

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation provides educational resources so individuals battling epilepsy in California who qualify for medical marijuana use know how to apply. Our resources are from the California Department of Public Health as well as San Bernardino County where we are located. We only provide medical marijuana information for the state of California where we are located. If you are located outside of California, go to your state’s Department of Public Health page and see if your state allows medical marijuana use.

Public Transportation

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation understands the frustration when someone with epilepsy cannot drive. Our founder has had to surrender her license at times in her life due to the frustrations of seizure activity. We are here to help those who cannot drive find the resources needed for them to be able to get where they need. The services listed on our public transportation page are in the state of California.