Career Resources

Career Resources 

Many individuals battling epilepsy attend college and find gainful employment. It is important to establish reasonable goals when it comes to picking a career and building a strong resume.  It is also important to consider what your seizure triggers are and what career is best to avoid those triggers. 

One of the most important things while attending college is establishing a strong resume. Competition is high when it comes to finding a good job or going onto graduate school. Many graduate schools and employers are looking for internships, volunteer work, shadowing, and community service, along with excellent grades. A great GPA is not enough to get your foot in the door.

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation® is collaborating with organizations to help provide resources for career and workforce development. Listed below are resources for resume building. We will continue to add resources to this page to help the epilepsy community. If you have any questions, please email us at 

Resume Builder 

Resume Builder offers resources for individuals with disabilities in creating a resume and an employment guide. Information such as resume tips, job-related resources, ADA information, and preventing workplace discrimination is provided. 

Additional resources such as job accommodation and programs such as Ticket to Work can be found as well. To see the great resources and tools they offer, please visit to learn more. 



RespectAbility is an organization that helps to fight the stigma that many in the disability community face, helping them to be able to be active in the community. RespectAbility provides a resource guide in helping to find vocational training, higher educational opportunities, and finding job opportunities. There are also job search websites and training resources available along with internships and programs for students with disabilities. Please go to to see the resources that are available. 

Workers with Disabilities and the ADA

Important information on what the ADA is, disability employment rights, reasonable accommodations, and how to confront discrimination.  

Navigating Pregnancy Discrimination

Women who have epilepsy have pregnancies that are considered high-risk. Listed in this article is important information on how to prevent pregnancy discrimination and what to do if you are being discriminated against.