At The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation, our team of medical advisors work hard to make sure we focus on our mission and provide the best services to those who are battling epilepsy. Our advisors bring their knowledge and experience to the table and provide services to benefit those battling epilepsy.

Dr. Ilya Bragin

Dr. Bragin is a dual board certified Neurologist and Interventional Pain Specialist passionate about providing the best care in treating neurological disease, combating pain and optimizing brain performance. He utilizes his economics, research and analytics background to coordinate systems of care, optimize workflow and improve patient safety and hospital quality.

He currently co-directs the inpatient neurology service at St. Luke’s University Health Network, an 11 hospital network covering with a hybrid coverage model including multiple physicians, advanced practitioners and a robust in-house tele-medicine service. He serves as a key core faculty member of the newly established neurology residency program and plays a major role in designing trainees inpatient experience. He is also a proud advocate for the field of neurology and patients suffering from neurological disease.

Dr. Ian Bone

Dr. Ian Bone is a retired clinical neurologist with over 30 years of experience. Along with caring for patients, Dr. Bone has a son who has epilepsy. He is passionate about removing the unnecessary fear and stigma that is associated with epilepsy and help those battling epilepsy live a better quality of life. Dr. Bone is the author of Sacred Lives: An account of the history, cultural associations, and social impact of epilepsy.

Dr. Tobias K. Boehm, DDS, PhD

Dr. Boehm is a university professor, researcher and periodontist, and interested in improving access to health care and fostering collaboration across health care disciplines. He obtained his dental degree and Ph.D. in oral biology at the University at Buffalo. As husband of Mrs. Boehm, he observed firsthand where the aspirations of current epilepsy care differ from reality. Dr. Boehm supports the mission of The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation through his experience in research, health care, statistics and information technology.