OTIS Dream Project

OTIS Dream Project

The OTIS Dream Project was founded by Eddy Sumar, a creative strategist, author, and life coach with a passion for education. Eddy believes that everyone has the right to an education, no matter what challenges they face in their life. Eddy’s focus is on helping children who are in lower socioeconomic areas and students with disabilities obtain the education they deserve.

OTIS stands for:

Open-minded seeking Opportunity 

Believing in trust and pursuing Technology

Inspiring confidence reflecting Integrity

Searching, seeing the truth with Reliability

Eddy is truly a passionate individual who is determined to reach his goals. He does not see individuals as disabled but as individuals with ‘hidden talents’. The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation strongly supports Eddy’s vision and is a proud sponsor of the OTIS Dream Project.

The OTIS Dream Project was launched in Zambia with the goal of extending throughout Africa.


To see the great work the Otis Dream Project is doing, please check out their website at https://otisdreamproject.com/ to see to learn more. 

To make a contribution to our program, please click on our link https://donorbox.org/otis-dream-project