HCN1 Gene Mutation and Epilepsy

By:  Shree Rath HCN1: The gene and protein The HCN1 gene, also known as potassium/sodium hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channel, is a gene that encodes a protein involved in ion channel activity in neurons, exhibiting weak selectivity for potassium over sodium ions. It contributes to the native pacemaker currents in heart and in neurons. It may […]

Frontal Lobe

By:  Melissa Bui What is the area of the brain? The Frontal Lobe is located directly behind the forehead as the frontal lobe is one of the largest lobes in the human brain. Hence, they are the most common region of injury in traumatic brain injury. What are the functions? The frontal lobe function is […]