Post-Stroke Epilepsy

By: ¬†John Paisley Defining Stroke and Risk Factors A stroke is defined as irreversible brain tissue damage resulting from either a blood vessel blockage or rupture. There are many preventable risk factors for stroke with high blood pressure (hypertension), smoking, obesity, high blood sugar, high sodium diet, and high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) ranking among the most […]

Social Anxiety Disorder and Epilepsy

By: Natalie Bailey Social Anxiety Disorder and Epilepsy Social phobia, commonly referred to as social anxiety disorder (SAD), is outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-V) as a fear of becoming the focal point of scrutiny in social situations, manifesting as dread or anxiety, which prompts the affected individual […]

Olfactory Nerve

By:  Varsha Kumari Basic anatomy: The olfactory nerve is the first cranial nerve that originates from the cell bodies of bipolar olfactory neurons in the olfactory epithelium, a specialized tissue that is present in the posterosuperior region of each nasal cavity. The apical portion of these cells has dendrites that project into the epithelial surface, […]