Welcome to our Epilepsy Medication Series as our founder Natalie Boehm discusses what primidone is, its history, how primidone works, side effects, and risks.

Birth Control and Epilepsy

By: Aaliyah Ellison-McPeters What is Birth Control? Birth control, also referred to as contraception or family planning, is devices, medicines, or surgeries that¬† prevent pregnancy. Various methods have different techniques to avoid conception, such as preventing¬† sperm cells from reaching egg cells, damaging sperm, preventing ovulation, and more. A few standard methods include barriers: male […]

Driving and Epilepsy

By: Clara O’Hara Transportation and Epilepsy In the U.S., 700,000 licensed drivers have epilepsy. For people with epilepsy, taking the wheel means considering the need for independence against the need for safety. However, all states allow some people with epilepsy to drive. Twenty-eight states have laws requiring patients with epilepsy to be free of seizures […]

Effectiveness of Laser Tissue Ablation in Medically Intractable Epilepsy

By: Kyra Perham Introduction Patients diagnosed with medically intractable epilepsy are predisposed to higher mortality rates than patients with controlled epilepsy. Approximately one-third of individuals diagnosed with epilepsy are considered to have medically intractable epilepsy, and more than ten percent of these patients die within the first two years of initial diagnosis. Surgical intervention is […]