Defeating Epilepsy and Dr. Daniel Neuberger: Improving Doctor-Patient Relations in the ER

Join the Defeating Epilepsy Foundation’s CEO & Founder, Natalie Boehm in welcoming Dr. Neuberger, as they discuss what patients can do to avoid having a negative experience in the ER. Dr. Neuberger is the Assistant Medical Director of the Huntsville Hospital Emergency Department. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and has been practicing for […]

Defeating Epilepsy and Bob Fiore: Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate

Join the Defeating Epilepsy Foundation’s CEO & Founder, Natalie Boehm in welcoming Bob Fiore, as they discuss their work in the community. Bob is the President and Founder of the Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate, a 501c3 serving the epilepsy community in the state of Connecticut. Bob has had epilepsy since birth and after brain surgery in […]

Sexual Health and Epilepsy

By: Natalie L. Boehm, MBA, RBLP-T What is sexual health? How does it affect people with epilepsy?  According to the World Health Organization, sexual health is defined as “a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity. Sexual health requires […]

Epilepsy at School

By: Riley Young Introduction Epilepsy is the most common neurologic condition in children. Given that every child spends somuch time at school, it is important to ensure there are measures and strategies in place toensure a healthy learning environment for these children. Informing the Teacher According to Epilepsy Ontario, it is a good idea for […]

ADHD and Epilepsy

Welcome to our Living with Epilepsy Series as our founder Natalie Boehm defines what ADHD is, the signs and symptoms of ADHD, different types of ADHD, how it affects someone with epilepsy, and treatment options.

Epileptic Infantile Spasms

By: Nicholas Parekh What are infantile spasms? Infantile spasm syndrome (ISs), or more commonly West syndrome, is a rare epilepticdisorder that appears during the early stages of infancy. It is characterized by short tonic seizurescalled “spasms” that last for only a couple of seconds and occur in clusters. During these spasms,the baby’s legs typically curl […]

Defeating Epilepsy with Dr. Kate Couchman: Nutrition and Wellness

Join The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation’s CEO and Founder Natalie Boehm in welcoming Dr. Kate Couchman as they discuss nutrition, wellness, and epilepsy. Kate is a health coach from South Africa who specializes in helping people with epilepsy gain control of their seizures and regain their energy, independence, and freedom.