Tonic-Clonic Seizures

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By: Nicholas Parekh What is a seizure? Seizures are neurological events characterized by sudden surges of electrical activity in the brain and are common in epileptic patients. Seizures usually last one to two minutes, and seizures that last for more … Continued

Refractory Epilepsy

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By: Annemarie Dechellis What is Refractory Epilepsy? Refractory epilepsy is a type of epilepsy that is characterized by resistance to seizure medications (i.e. AEDs). Refractory epilepsy may also be referred to as drug resistant, treatment non-responder, intractable, or pharmacoresistant epilepsy,  … Continued

Gelastic and Dacrystic Seizures

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By: Annemarie DeChellis What are Gelastic and Dacrystic seizures? Gelastic and Dacrystic seizures are rare types of focal or partial seizures (Kerrigan &Iyengar, 2017). The term Gelastic seizures comes from the Greek word, gelastikos, meaninglaughter, and are characterized by brief … Continued

Absence and Atypical Absence Seizures

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By: Aliana Gordon What are absence seizures? Absence seizures are generalized onset seizures involving brief, sudden lapses of consciousness. Also referred to as petit mal seizures, they usually last for less than 15 seconds without any warning signs or memory … Continued