Epilepsy and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

When people think of epilepsy, they think of seizures. The goal of doctors is to get the seizures to stop with the treatment of medication. What is not taken into consideration is the emotional and mental effects having seizures has on an individual. Many individuals with epilepsy have experienced negative or traumatic experiences. Sustaining injury […]

How a Woman with Disabilities Improved Transportation Access for Others

By Mary Ellen Gambon Mary Ellen Gambon is a freelance journalist for Bulletin Newspapers, Inc., Gannet, Inc. and is an epilepsy advocate. This story is just one of many examples of what Mary Ellen has done to help people with disabilities. When you have epilepsy and cannot drive, getting around a major city like Boston […]

Living with Epilepsy: The Story of Mel Riebe, Jr.

Mel Riebe, Jr. is an author, a recipient of the 2019 MACS Award for educating the public about epilepsy, a Purple Day Ambassador for Baltimore Maryland, and a passionate epilepsy advocate. In his free time, Mel loves to bowl and participated in the Special Olympics, winning a gold medal in hockey and a silver in […]