A Father’s Love: Advocating for Children with Epilepsy

As a parent with two chronically ill children with epilepsy, battling chronic illnesses myself, I appreciate when parents share their stories of caring for their children battling an illness. James Zimmerman, one of the supporters of The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation, recently gave us permission to share his story. James is a fierce advocate for children […]

Eddie and the Ender Dragon: How children deal when a parent has epilepsy

July 12, 2020 One thing that has happened in my life that I was told would not be possible is becoming a mother. Having my sons Edward and Anthony has been the greatest accomplishment in my life. Even though I have not had a seizure in years, the side effects of my medication are clearly […]

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation Blog

June 14, 2020 A Word from Our President I want to open this epilepsy blog thanking everyone for their support as we launch our foundation. I could not have made this dream possible without the support of my board members, professors, mentors, classmates, and the members of the epilepsy community. I appreciate every one of […]