The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation®

At The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation®, our mission is to provide the advocacy and educational resources needed to the epilepsy community and our society. We are dedicated to removing the stigma associated with epilepsy and help to create opportunities for individuals battling epilepsy.

About the Foundation

At The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation®, we feel all individuals with epilepsy have the right to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. Our team is dedicated to advocating for the resources needed to achieve those goals at a global level. Through educational resources, networking, and community service, we uphold the values that mean everything to us. Our committed team focuses on creating a healthy, strong, and ethical culture within our foundation and in our community.

Our Projects


We believe that education is essential in helping to defeating epilepsy. Learn about the Defeating Epilepsy scholarship and how to apply.

Mental Health Empowerment

Along with battling epilepsy, many are also struggling with mental health complications. Learn what we're doing to empower these individuals.

OTIS Dream Project

The OTIS Dream Project focuses on helping individuals obtain an education, no matter the challenges they face in life. Our focus is to help children in lower socioeconomic areas who have special needs obtain the education they deserve.