ASLEK: Epilepsy Awareness Foundation for the Democratic Republic of Congo

People Involved in ASLEK
Dr. Kazadi and his team distributing medicine to patients with epilepsy

ASLEK was founded by Dr. Prince Kazadi, a neurologist who provides support to families and individuals battling epilepsy. Many people in the Democratic Republic of Congo lack health care services. What is harder, government restrictions that are in place prevent people with epilepsy from obtaining an education or employment, making them completely dependent on their families.

ASLEK is working to provide services such as public education on epilepsy, community awareness, and online support for families. Dr. Kazadi and his foundation work at a international level with charities, government, and medical organizations throughout the world.  

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation is proud to support Dr. Kazadi and his organization as we work to defeat epilepsy around the world. We are fundraising to help provide medication and food to the patients that Dr. Kazadi cares for. We are working to help the families with the struggle of surviving, and to give those with epilepsy a chance of survival.

Epilepsy Awareness Uganda

One of the many children helped by this project

Gideon Akanyijuka Ronie is the founder of Epilepsy Awareness Uganda. After seeing his sister struggle with epilepsy, Gideon decided to help not just his sister, but everyone in Uganda battling epilepsy.

Epilepsy Awareness Uganda focuses on many issues such as medical care, education, employment, nutrition, women’s and children’s health, and community outreach. The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation is honored to support Epilepsy Awareness Uganda in its efforts to help individuals and families with epilepsy throughout Uganda. We are fundraising with the goal to help Epilepsy Awareness Uganda provide the services needed to the epilepsy community and help to defeat epilepsy in Uganda.

Chifundo Epilepsy Awareness Association of Malawi

One of the families helped by this project

Petro Chifundo is the founder of Chifundo Epilepsy Awareness Association of Malawi. Their mission is to empower people with epilepsy through quality treatment and education with the goal of individuals with epilepsy being reliable citizens.

Through government and community outreach Chifundo is working to provide educational materials to the community and helping schools create a safe environment for students with epilepsy. Chifundo is also working to provide medical and nutritional assistance to families caring for individuals with epilepsy who are struggling.

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation is proud of the goals the Chifundo Epilepsy Awareness Association is working towards and is here to help provide support. We are working to help Chifundo fundraise to provide medical and nutritional assistance to its members to help people with epilepsy live healthy and happy lives.

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation is honored to work with non-profit foundations at an international level to help those battling epilepsy globally. Coming together and helping one another will be the first step in removing the stigma associated with epilepsy and bringing awareness to others worldwide.