Bringing Hope to Children: The Purple Bears of the Epilepsy Association of North Carolina

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Purple Bear Project of the Epilepsy Association of North Carolina

Having epilepsy is difficult for anyone. Side effects of medication, seizure activity, limitations, they all add up. It is especially hard for children. Brain development is greatly affected as children battle epilepsy. Because of this, children with epilepsy need a lot of love and support as they deal with having seizures and the side effects of medications.

One organization has taken steps to help children throughout the United States who are battling epilepsy. The Epilepsy Association of North Carolina, founded by Toney Kincaid, has created a purple bear program. The association sends purple bears to children all throughout the United States to let them know there are people who support them and understand their frustrations. The program has been a success, with one hundred eighty-five bears being gifted, and counting.

These colorful bears are put together by a group of women known as The Happy Hookers of Thomasville, which was created two years ago by its founder Heidi. Due to the high crime rate in Thomasville, Heidi wanted to create a group to bring the community together. What started as a group of four, blossomed into a group of up to twenty women meeting to crochet together. They now meet two nights a week, working to create the purple bears to gift to children with epilepsy.

The Defeating Epilepsy Foundation supports the Epilepsy Association of North Carolina in this project and has donated yarn recently to keep the project going. We will work together to help make this a long-term project for the community. If you would like to take part, the Epilepsy Association of North Carolina is always looking for purple yarn or a donation to purchase yarn.

Please visit their website at and learn about their purple bear project and how you can help. Thank you for your support and together, we will defeat epilepsy.

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  1. Toney Kincaid

    Thank you so much for telling our story of the Purple Bear Project for children with uncontrolled epilepsy. We the Epilepsy Association of NC is so thankful we can touch so many lives and bring comfort for them. We appreciate our support from your organization to make it possible – Toney Kincaid

    • Natalie Boehm

      You are very welcome. Thank you for all of the work you do to help those battling epilepsy. We greatly appreciate all that you do and will continue to offer our support. Sincerely, Natalie

  2. Dijana Maliqi

    This is such a beautiful idea , I have been a advocate for epilepsy for years. Thank you for joining us in finding a cure, mat god bless you and your family always.
    Dijana Maliqi
    Admin for- I may have epilepsy but it will never have me.
    We are family a purple family forever.

    • Natalie Boehm

      Thank you Dijana. We are doing everything we can to help the epilepsy community for the better. Thank you for being an advocate and helping us to defeat epilepsy. Sincerely, Natalie

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